Aleister Black Talks NXT Experience, Calls Roman Reigns A “Locker Room Leader”

Former WWE Superstar Aleister Black received his release from WWE in June, but he still speaks highly of the company.

Earlier this week, Aleister joined Matthew Rehwoldt’s Straight Shooting podcast, where the former NXT Champion was asked to share memories from his experience with the black and gold brand. Black explained:

“I have great memories of being in NXT and being on the road and going town to town and remembering which crowds were amazing and which were on the down. I think our entire crew, which at the time was Tommaso [Ciampa], Adam [Cole], Johnny [Gargano], [Undisputed Era], that entire crew was very much, ‘Show is over, let’s go back to our rooms and talk or call our wives.’ We’ll sit at the local bar for a second or order some food. For the most part, I just enjoyed shutting myself out because with a lot of us, being around so many people can overload your sensories. It’s nice to go from this massive adrenaline rush to settling back into the room, unwinding, relaxing, and getting ready for the next day.”

The man who is never truly good or evil continued to sing the praises of WWE, and named a few of the talent he enjoyed being around the most. Aleister told listeners:

“The culture, when it comes to that, is much healthier. [There was a tour] where I sat down with Samoa Joe, who I have known for a long time and he’s always been good to me, and I sat down with Roman as well. It was one of the first times I really felt how great Roman is as a locker room leader. That’s a good memory where we kind of forged a bond and I could pick his brain on a few things. He’s only the guy who carries our business. Same with the Usos. It was good and comfortable. As bad as some of the experiences were, the locker rooms were always great. Our locker rooms were lovely and we had a lot of fun. The men’s locker room was always super cool with each other.”

(Via Fightful)

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