Aleister Black Temporarily Written Out of Storylines; Conflicting Reports on His Position on Raw

Aleister Black was seen suffering an eye injury last night on Raw and on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, it was stated that the original plans for Black was to write him out of current storylines with an injury angle. It’s unclear why he was to be taken off of TV and for how long, but yesterday’s actions were likely to follow through on those plans. However, with WWE missing a lot of key personnel for various reasons, it comes at a curious time and the expectation is that Black will probably be back sooner rather than later.

Black’s status on Raw has been a topic of discussion lately, ever since one of his top supporters – Paul Heyman – was ousted out of power on the show. There have been reports suggesting that Vince McMahon has soured on him as a top guy, while a more recent report from Alex McCarthy of suggests that McMahon is still absolutely behind him.

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