Aleister Black On WWE Creative, His In-Ring Style

Just two short weeks after making his return to WWE Smackdown, Aleister Black received his release from the promotion.

After parting ways with the company, Black took to social media to talk about his time in WWE, and gave fans the scoop during a Twitch stream. Aleister shared his thoughts on the WWE creative team, as well as his relationship with Bruce Prichard, stating:

“Money in the Bank with AJ, when I stepped out of the dark and into the dark, that was the first time I did what I wanted to do. It got praised. Don’t get mad at our creative. They try their absolute hardest and there are good people working there. I’m very thankful for our creative and have had a good relationship with Bruce [Prichard]. He tried to protect me in a lot of situations. He wanted to get me out of the room. The consensus was ‘no one moves like him or has his intensity.”

The former NXT Champion continued by talking about his own in-ring style, and sent a message to any possible doubters. Black told viewers:

“My style was a hybrid of traditional wrestling and new age striking. In the last five years, I’ve proven to be one of the most influential strikers of this generation and I will continue to do that”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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