Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss Reveals When She Found Out About Moving From SmackDown Live To RAW

Following the recent WWE Superstar Shakeup which saw her switch brands from SmackDown Live to RAW, former Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss spoke with for an interview.

During the discussion, Bliss addressed when she found out about the fact that she would be switching to the red team.

“I found out pretty much that morning,” said Bliss. “The night before we got travel, and were going to be able to travel where Raw was. I wasn’t sure if they were bringing people in to kind of throw us off or if we were actually being drafted to Raw.”

Bliss continued, explaining why she is optimistic about the change.

“It was really cool,” said Bliss. “Because I’ve done a lot on SmackDown and now it gives me the opportunity to see what now I can do on Raw.”

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