Alexa Bliss Mocks Asuka's "Green Food Coloring Mist"

Alexa Bliss Shoots On The Kabuki Warriors, Mocks Asuka’s “Green Food Coloring” Mist

Alexa Bliss took to social media on Saturday to post a pretty blunt and to-the-point call-out of WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors for a lack of title defenses as the representing champions of the talent-rich division.

In the first of two tweets posted by the WWE Superstar on Twitter today, Bliss called out the reigning title-holders of the WWE Women’s Tag-Team division for not defending the titles enough by posting a meme of “Joey” (Matt LeBlanc) from the popular 1990s television sitcom, “Friends.”

“Me looking for the women’s tag team titles representation like…” read the set-up to the aforementioned meme.

“Our women’s tag division has some some of the most talented women on the roster,” the tweet continued. “Where u at Kabuki Warriors….? “

“The Goddess of WWE” would go on to post a second, more shoot-style tweet where she reveals that Asuka’s green mist is nothing more than “green food coloring.”

“But Asuka leave your green mist at home,” she wrote in a second tweet posted on her official Twitter feed on Saturday. “It’s a coward move [and] my extensions are way too expensive to be stained by green food coloring. #DefendThoseTitles.”

Check out Alexa Bliss’ tweets calling out The Kabuki Warriors below.


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