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Alexa Bliss Talks Hot-Button Issue Of WWE Superstars Working Non-Company Related Projects

Alexa Bliss recently spoke with Scott Fishman of TV Insider for an interview to promote her new official WWE podcast, “Uncool With Alexa Bliss,” which premieres on September 22nd featuring The Miz as her special guest.

During the discussion, “The Goddess of WWE” talked about talent working non-company related projects, her recent work with “The Fiend” and advice for her friend Nikki Cross.

Featured below are some of the highlights of the new Alexa Bliss interview.

On her new podcast, the subject of WWE talent working on non-company projects and the freedom they have to do that: “The WWE umbrella is so big that there really isn’t anything we can’t do. It was something I was surprised about, especially with the podcast. There were certain things I thought about like, ‘Can I say this? Can I not say this? Can we talk about this?’ They were like, ‘Yeah, talk about whatever you want.’ It’s my first podcast and something I’m doing outside the ring and the talk show you see on Raw and SmackDown. This is something very real. The one thing I would hate it to be is censored, so it’s great that it is very uncensored, real. Just really two people talking and me fangirling out over some of my guests. People don’t realize how big the WWE umbrella really is and how much opportunity there is within that. We have UpUpDownDown and other podcasts. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more things coming out of WWE.”

On getting to dig in to a new story line by working with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt character on WWE television as of late: “I love anything that is different and out-of-the-box. I love being able to evolve and change the character and spike people’s interest. I think that is what we’ve been doing with The Fiend. Everyone knows I love promos and to be able have a microphone and portray a character. It’s my favorite thing to do, so the fact I was able to try something new I’m having a lot of fun and excited to see where it goes.”

On the progress her friend Nikki Cross has made and advice she would offer her: “I’m very proud of how far she has come. If there was ever one thing I would tell her no matter what make it real, whether it was being nervous about a promo or something else. If you believe what you’re saying, everyone else is going to believe it. That’s my thing I always tell everyone. Feel what your character is feeling. Act the way your character would act. It’s super relatable, which is why I think people have been able to connect with her on a different level now because she truly believes what she is saying. That’s great.”

On working with Cross for the WWE NXT brand during the UK Download Festival in 2016: “Our match together was a lot of fun. It was really the first time we had a match together. We had one three-minute match in NXT, but it was during the Download Festival in the UK. It was not televised. That was the only singles match we had leading up to it. The match was a lot of fun. I think it is super important to have the support because what we do is tough. You can sometimes get in your own head and be nervous, especially if you are newer. Even if you aren’t newer, but trying something different, it’s good to have the support of someone else next to you.”

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