Ethan Page

“All Ego” Ethan Page Comments On NXT Appearance; Claims He Is Still A Free Agent

— Last night on NXT, “All Ego” Ethan Page made his debut for WWE in a return that was kept well under wraps and then a report later emerged that Page worked out at the WWE Performance Center last week and had signed a contract with WWE. Taking to X today, Page claimed that he had not signed with anyone yet and called out the attack on Trick Williams, saying the ball is in NXT’s court if he wants to seek revenge for last night’s attack so Page’s contract denial could very well be for storyline purposes.

“Everyone saw what I did last night. Literally everybody. We’re talking about millions of views across all social platforms. That’s pretty heavy. I even say that is a bit of ‘buying power’ for Ethan Page. Especially ’cause contrary to popular belief, Ethan Page has not signed to any company or any contract. And I’m just gonna assume Trick Williams would love to get a little payback and revenge on Ethan Page, so NXT, I’m gonna leave this one to you – the ball is in your court. And All Ego is all ears. I’m gonna assume someone in that company has my number; I’ll wait for the call.”

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