ALL IN Results (9/1/2018)

ALL IN Results (9/1)

Alright folks, the majority of the independent and international wrestling scene are all-in for tonight’s highly-anticipated ALL IN event.

ALL IN goes down from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois this evening. The “Zero Hour” one hour pre-show will air live on WGN America, leading into the main card, which will be available via pay-per-view, as well as the FITE TV and HONOR CLUB digital subscription services.

We will be covering the entire event this evening right here, so make sure to lock your browsers in to for the absolute best LIVE play-by-play results coverage of ALL IN.

The broadcast team will be Alicia Atout, Don Callis, Sean Mooney, Ian Riccaboni, Excalibur, Bobby Cruise, and Justin Roberts. The referees will be Paul Turner, Rick Knox, Todd Sinclair, Earl Hebner, and former ECW and ROH Champion Jerry Lynn.

ZERO HOUR (Pre-Show)

ALL IN is officially underway!

The Zero Hour pre-show kicks off on WGN America with the “Being The Elite” theme music playing. The Young Bucks and Cody come out to cut a promo. They teased some pyro and after a comedic “false start” to the show, some crazy pyro started shooting off.

They tease someone from the past being in the building and out comes Road Warrior Animal on a motorcycle for the first “Road Warrior Pop” of the night.

We see the arena and it looks very well done from a production and presentation standpoint. It’s time to head to the ring for our first of two pre-show matches here on the “Zero Hour” pre-show on WGN America.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. SoCal Uncensored

Our first match of the evening here at ALL IN is underway, as Mark and Jay Briscoe, the reigning Ring Of Honor (ROH) Tag-Team Champions, go up against the team of SoCal Uncensored — Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky.

Sky came out dressed like Apollo Creed from the Rocky films, complete with the American flag shorts and ring jacket. They cut a quick pre-match promo, garnering cheap heat from the fans in Hoffman Estates, Illinois before Kazarian spoke about he and Scorpio Sky being “all in” and part of history.

The fans are going berzerk with “ALL IN” chants tonight during everything. The match kicks off with The Briscoes playing the heel role and double-teaming Kazarian early on. Eventually, SCU took over control of the match. The tide then turned where The Briscoes kept Sky in the ring, cutting off any attempt he made to tag Kazarian in.

After approximately 15 minutes, the finish sequence played out, as The Briscoes went for a Doomsday Device but Kazarian ended up catching the leaping Mark Briscoe for a big powerslam and a pin. Jay tried to break up the pin, but Sky ran over with a big knee to cut him off. SCU wins the opener.

Winners: SoCal Uncensored

Backstage: Kenny Omega

Backstage, Kenny Omega cuts a promo with Alicia Atout. The two joke about Omega wearing flip-flops to make himself look taller. He then switched gears to focus on his match tonight against the highly-regarded and highly-respected Pentagon.

Over Budget Battle Royal

Moose, Brandon Cutler, Trent Barreta, Chuck Taylor, Rocky Romero, Cheeseburger, Hurricane Helms, Ethan Page, Tommy Dreamer, Jimmy Jacobs, Punishment Martinez, Austin Gunn, Billy Gunn, Marko Stunt, Brian Cage, Jordynne Grace, Colt Cabana, Bully Ray, Flip Gordon

We return from break and it’s time for the Over Budget Battle Royal. This will be a 15-man match with the winner earning a ROH World Championship shot against Jay Lethal later in tonight’s show.

All the battle royal participants are shown outside of the ring. They show Bully Ray walking through the crowd and then the camera pans over to Dalton Castle on commentary. They did not do an official announcing / introductions for everyone in the match.

The finish in this one saw things come down to Bully Ray and Colt Cabana, with El Luchador still in the match as well. Cabana attacked Ray with a chair but ended up getting eliminated. El Luchador then comes back into the ring, tears off his mask to reveal that he is Flip Gordon and threw Ray out of the ring. Bully Ray is eliminated and Flip Gordon wins. With the win, Gordon moves on to challenge Lethal for the ROH Title later tonight.

Winner and No. 1 Contender to ROH World Title: Flip Gordon


The Zero Hour preliminary show on WGN America wraps up and now it’s time to move on to the actual main card on pay-per-view, as well as the FITE TV and HONOR CLUB digital subscription services. For photos and videos of the action as it happens during tonight’s ALL IN event, click here.

After the national anthem, the announcers welcome us to ALL IN. We don’t waste a lot of time as we now head down to the ring for our first PPV match of the evening.

Maxwell J. Friedman vs. Matt Cross

A singles match between Maxwell J. Friedman and Matt Cross kick things off inside the ring on the PPV portion of tonight’s show. The match begins with the two working some old-school chain wrestling exchanges.

MJF is doing his usual EC3 routine to mock Cross while he beats on him here in the early goings. Cross hits a good huracanrana to turn things around and get the momentum in his favor for a change.

The two start battling back-and-forth with forearms like a strong-style NJPW match. MJF ends up spitting in Cross’s eyes. He also pokes his eyes. They end up on the mat again and are each going for submissions.

Back on the feet after Cross avoided being pinned on a Schoolboy roll-up, MJF hits Cross with an awesome Pendulum Pile Driver for a close pinfall attempt. MJF seems to hurt his leg after missing a moonsault. Cross hits his trademark Rebound Cutter and then hits the Shooting Star Press for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Cross

Stephen Amell vs. Christopher Daniels

Up next on ALL IN is the singles showdown between Christopher Daniels and “Arrow” star Stephen Amell.

Callis puts over Daniels on commentary as this gets underway. Daniels mocks and taunts Amell early on before getting a full nelson takedown on him.

The two start trading chops back-and-forth in a chop-battle. Amell ends up hitting a belly-to-back suplex on Daniels. Amell is now mocking Daniels a bit and Daniels isn’t happy one bit. Daniels turns up the intensity and starts stomping out Amell. Amell shocks him by nailing him with a dropkick and an enzuigiri to knock Daniels out of the ring and out to the floor.

Now a table is being set up by Amell. He goes for a Urange but Daniels fights out of it and gets back in the ring. The fans start breaking out into “Arrow” and “Fallen Angel” chants. Now they are chanting “Broken Arrow” as well. Daniels hits a big gutbuster suplex on Amell for a nearfall.

We work our way to the finishing sequence. The two are outside the ring and the announcers aren’t sure if there is a 10 count or a 20 count. Jerry Lynn ends up stopping his count anyways and throws both Daniels and Amell back in the ring. Daniels didn’t like that. Lynn takes off his referee shirt and throws it at Daniels. Amell tried to roll Daniels up off of that distraction, but Daniels kicked out at two.

Amell is now daring Daniels to beat him up. Amell then gives Daniel the double bird, middle-finger special! Amell reverses a Tiger Bomb attempt into a backdrop pin attempt for another nearfall. Daniels then hits Amell with a Judo throw and hits the Best Moonsault Ever for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Fatal-4-Way Women’s Match

Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne vs. Chelsea Green vs. Britt Baker

Next up at ALL IN is the Fatal-4-Way women’s match, which features Tessa Blanchard, Madison Rayne, Chelsea Green and Britt Baker. Tenille “Emma” Dashwood and Mandy Leon join the gang on commentary for this match.

Following ten minutes of back-and-forth action, with each lady taking time in control of the offense, we work our way down to the finishing sequence.

Green goes for the Unprettier on Rayne. Green hit Rayne with a Unprettier. Britt Baker caught everyone with wild superkicks. Rayne hits Tessa with the Crucifix Diver but Baker breaks up the pin attempt. Britt Baker hit Rayne with the Paige-Turner for another close pin attempt.

Green blasts Baker with another Unprettier but Baker gets her foot on the rope to break up the pin attempt. Green nails Tessa with a Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall. The crowd goes crazy and shows all four ladies some respect by giving them a standing ovation. Blanchard nails Green with the Hammerlock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Preparing For NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship Match

After the Fatal-4-Way Women’s match, we see various celebrities in attendance inside the Sears Centre Arena (photos & videos here) and they are formally introduced by the ring announcer.

We now see a special music video vignette playing to hype up the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship bout tonight between current title-holder Nick Aldis and Cody (Rhodes).

NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship

Nick Aldis (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

It’s time, baby! The NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship is about to be up for grabs as the highly-anticipated showdown between Nick Aldis and Cody is up next.

Cody makes his way down to the ring with his dog Pharaoh, his wife Brandi Rhodes, as well as Tommy Dreamer, Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) and some others. All of them were wearing matching track-suits, ala a UFC fighter and his camp / corner members coming out in the same gear.

The announcers talk extensively about Cody’s father, the late “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, and his storied history with the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship.

It’s time for the champion to make his way down to the ring. NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis comes out and heads to the squared circle along with Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Daivari, Sam Shaw and Tim Storm accompanying him.

The bell rings and it’s time for one of tonight’s featured bouts of the evening! Rhodes is hit with a suplex to the floor following his suicide dive on Aldis. The fans cheer on Rhodes as the equally despise Aldis. Both wrestlers trade shots in the center of the ring. As both men go in for a cross body, they collide with one another. Rhodes is able to hit a springbard cross body to the floor, which is quickly countered with an elbow by Aldis. Rhodes is checked on by Hebner as he signals to the back, making the crows believe the match is over. The fans break into a “Yoga” chant as DDP runs back out. Shawn Daivari comes back out and Hebner stops the count as he shoved DDP who returns with a Diamond Cutter.

Rhodes fought back and hit a power slam for a near fall following an elbow that caused Rhodes to bleed. Aldis took back over after Rhodes missed a moonsault. Rhodes locked on the figure-four leg lock but Aldis made the ropes. Rhodes retaliates against a running power slam by Aldis, fighting back and hit the Alabama Slam for a near fall. Aldis hit a powerbomb for a two count and applied the Texas Cloverleaf. Rhodes made the ropes and Brandi told him he didn’t have to keep doing this. Brandi enters the ring and begs Aldis to stop as he climbs to the top turnbuckle following a pile driver he hit on Rhodes. Aldis leaped off the top and Brandi covered Rhodes causing Aldis to hit Brandi instead with the elbow.

Rhodes hit the Beautiful Disaster for the comeback, going full force now with a second wind about him. Rhodes hit the Crossroads for a very close near fall. Aldis attempted a sunset flip but Rhodes sat down and pinned Aldis to win the NWA Worlds Championship.

For videos and photos coverage of ALL IN, including several clips from this match in particular, as well as Cody backstage with friends and family after the match, click here.

Winner and NEW NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion: Cody Rhodes

Chicago Street Fight

Hangman Page vs. Joey Janela

Up next is the Chicago Street Fight contest pitting Hangman Page one-on-one against Joey Janela. The two make their way to the ring, with Janela accompanied by Penelope Ford.

The bell sounds and this one is underway. Absolute fireworks are expected in this one, folks! Page hit a perfect looing moonsault to the floor crashing onto Janela. Page gave Janela a suplex onto a chair that was upright in the ring. Page revealed a Cracker Barrel barrel at ringside. Page sent Janela into the barrel. Janela fought back and leaped off the barrel onto Page in the crowd. Janela rolled the barrel at Page but he jumped out of the way. Page rocked Janela with a vicious lariat. Page set up a table at ringside. Janela nailed a running Death Valley bomb in the corner for a near fall.

This is crazy! An actual Cracker Barrel (a barrel) is laying at ringside and now it’s time to create a spot around that. Janela used the barrel and the apron to prop up a ladder at ringside. He placed Page on the ladder and climbed up to the turnbuckle. Page recovered and gave Janela the burning hammer on the ladder. This was a painful and sick looking spot. Page pulled out a bag from underneath the ring. Ford jumped Page from behind. Page tried to go after him but she back flipped and hit a stunner. She followed up with a cross body to the floor. Janela then hit an elbow on Page through the table. They fought up the steps onto the stage. Janela set up two tables in the entranceway. Page hit a superkick and power bombed Janela off the stage through the table. It looked like Janela nearly killed himself going through the table.

The finish feels like it’s drawing closer. Page hits the Rite of Passage but Ford broke up the near fall with a second garbage bag. In the second bag were Page’s boots that he used to kill Joey Ryan. Page super kicked Ford. Janela hit a superkick as well for a near fall. Janela set up a ladder and table in the ring. Page and Janela fought on top of the ladder. In the first garbage bag was the telephone Page used on Ryan. Hangman Page blasts Janela with the phone and then nails him with the Rite of Passage off the ladder through a table. Page hit Janela with the phone and hit the Rite of Passage off the ladder through the table for the win.

Winner: Hangman Page

After The Match: Joey Ryan & Penis Costume Entourage Attack

Once the Chicago Street Fight officially concluded, the lights suddenly went out and a video of a dead Joey Ryan is shown. Ryan is clearly alive, however, as “something” rose in his pants. With that said, the lights come back on and out comes Joey Ryan with a big entourage of people dressed up in actual penis costumes are shown. They are going all in to honor Joey Ryan’s infamous Penis Plex in this one. Ryan ends up flipping Page and blasting him with a big super kick. Joey Ryan’s Penis Entourage then carries Hangman Page out of the arena. For photos of this unbelievably crazy segment, check out our ongoing live media coverage of ALL IN, featuring up-to-the-minute video clips and photos from the event (as well as backstage photos and videos), click here.

ROH World Championship

Jay Lethal vs. Flip Gordon

Our Ring Of Honor (ROH) World Championship bout of the evening is up next here at ALL IN. Remember, reigning ROH Champion Jay Lethal will be defending his title against Flip Gordon after Gordon won the 15-man Over Budget Battle Royal in the Zero Hour pre-show on WGN America earlier in the evening.

Lethal is shown backstage getting ready to make his way out into the arena and to the ring. While he is walking towards the entrance way, he is handed a pair of Black Machismo Sunglasses. Both guys make their way to the ring. Lethal has Randy Savage’s brother, Lanny Poffo, in his corner, and he is done up as Black Machismo. Conversely, Flip Gordon, has Brandi Rhodes in his corner.

The bell rings and our ROH World Title bout starts off with Poffo and Lethal doing the Mega Powers handshake, followed by Lethal and Gordon doing the handshake. As the match begins Lethal leaps out of the ring and puts Rhodes in his corner then moves on to trade moves back and forth with Gordon. Brandi is shown being chased into the ring by Lethal as she is shouting, “I’m not Liz” as she touches him on the shoulder turning him back to the normal Jay Lethal.

Gordon begins to take the upper hand as he hits Lethal with two back to back suicide dives, followed up by a corkscrew dive. Both men trade pin fall attempts in the center of the ring, to no avail. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination for a near fall after Gordon misses the 450 Splash. Gordon is able to roll Lethal up as he attempts the Lethal Injection, quickly following up with the Falcon Arrow for the (once again) near fall. Lethal is touched on the shoulder by a sly Poffo who jumped up on the apron, turning Lethal back into The Black Machismo. Lethal takes the upper hand and hits three Hail to the King elbows for the near fall. Gordon seems to build some momentum in the ring, ready for action as he hits the big boot and a Springboard Sling Blade on Gordon.

Gordon gives it his all hitting a Samoan Drop, then a Standing Shooting Star Press and Twisting Moonsault for a near fall, then hits a Springboard, but Lethal interjects with The Cutter. Lethal follows up with the Lethal Injection for the win, retaining the ROH World Championship.

Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: Jay Lethal

After The Match: Bully Ray Attacks, Gordon Gets Some Help

Both guys shake hands after the match. Bully Ray attacks both with a chain. Ray hits Poffo with a low blow as he attempt to jump in the ring. The table is brought out from beneath the ring by Ray, though he is speared by Colt Cobana who had run out. Gordon, Cabana, and Lethal then do the Shield-style Triple Power Bomb on Ray through the table.

Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon

In what was discussed as the potential main event for ALL IN tonight, it’s time for the highly-anticipated showdown between Kenny Omega and Pentagon. This one should be good. After each guy makes their way down to the ring for another one of tonight’s featured attraction bouts, the beginning of the match sees Pentagon in control of the offense.

Fans inside the Sears Centre Arena are standing and excited in anticipation of this match to begin. Pentagon takes the early lead in this match, though Omega hits the Hurricanrana, followed by a Suicide Dive attempt. Pentagon retaliates by nailing Omega with a Sling Blade. Omega is caught with a flip dive on the floor by Pentagon. The fighters move the match to ringside where Pentagon catches Omega with a Power Slam on the floor. Omega tries to retaliate with a Moonsault, however Pentagon gets his knees up in time for the block. Omega hits a Springboard Cross Body on Pentagon. Pentagon hits a superkick as a counter to Omega’s attempted V Trigger. Omega hits the Snap Drago Suplex and goes for the One Winged Angel, but Pentagon counters with the Backstabbed for the two count near fall. Omega attempts a Superplex. Penta hits a Double Foot Stomp for the near fall as a counter.

Pentagon yells “Cero Miedo” as Omega hits the V Trigger. Omega continues with a Power Bomb and another V Trigger. Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver for a close near fall, to no avail. Both fighters make their way to the apron where Omega hits a Package Pile Driver. Omega retaliates with a Spinning Pile Driver for the recover.

Pentagon hits a second Package Pile Driver following Omega’s failed attempt at the One-Winged Angel. Omega takes advantage of a successful V Trigger, quickly following up with an Inverted Hurricanrana for another near fall. Omega hits the V Trigger and the One Winged Angel for the win. Pentagon is seen in the center of the ring on the mat after the match as the lights go out. As they come back on, Pentagon is quickly on Omega. Pentagon hits the Code Breaker and takes off his mask to reveal Chris Jericho. The fans go wild for Jericho. Jericho tells Omega he will see him on the Jericho Cruise.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll

Up next is another featured attraction bout, with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) superstar Kazuchika Okada going one-on-one against Marty Scurll.

The match begins with some mat wrestling between the two wrestlers. Scurll hits Okada with two European Uppercuts followed by nailing him with a Superkick from the apron. Okada is hit with a Suicide Dive by Scurll. Okada hits Scurll with a Flapjack following Scurll’s working over Okada’s arm. The fight moves ringside and Okada nails a DDT on the floor to Scurll. Scurll attempts to fight back and hit Okada with chops. Okada laughed and knocks Scurll to the ground.

Scurll gets caught with an uppercut by Okada, but Scurll nails a Brain Buster. Okada counters Scurll’s attempted Pile Driver for a near fall. Both men fight on the top turnbuckle. Scurll nails a superplex. Pin attempts are traded back and forth. Okada attempts the Tombstone but Scurll reverses into a DDT. Okada’s fingers are snapped by Scurll. Fighting back, Okada attempts the Rain Maker, but Scurll counters into the Cross Face Chicken Wing. Okada breaks free but Scurll reapplies the Cross Face Chicken Wing a second time.

Okada gets a Super Kick from Scurll and the referee goes down. Scurll grabs the umbrella. Once again, the Rain Maker is attempted by Okada, but Scurll blocks it with the umbrella. Scurll finally hits the Rain Maker, though to no avail as its a near fall. Okada then takes his turn at hitting the Rain Maker but couldn’t make the cover. Scurll spit and slapped Okada in the face. Okada then gets two Rain Makers on Scurll for the win.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada


Rey Mysterio, Fenix & Bandido vs. The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi

Our main event and final match of the evening is a special six-man tag-team match. The bout features the return to the ring of Rey Mysterio, who joins forces with Fenix and Bandido to take on the trio of The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) and Kota Ibushi.

Mysterio makes his way out looking like Marvel’s Wolverine character. Check out some cool photos of Rey Mysterio’s Wolverine look at ALL IN by clicking here. All six guys have made their way out to the ring now and our main event / headline bout of the evening is now officially underway.

Rey Rey’s team jumps off to an early offensive advantage, with Fenix coming in on fire and getting the crowd on their feet. Finally, The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi slow things down and start taking over control of the flow of things.

At one point in the match, Mysterio hit a huge moonsault on everyone. Then, Fenix hit a huge twisting plancha on everyone. Finally, Bandido hit a huge twisting cross body on everyone.

From there, Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks does a dive off of the entrance stage. Bandido hit a triple hurricanrana taking out all three members of The Golden Elite.

Mysterio attempts a 6-1-9, however Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks countered with a Tombstone Piledriver. Fenix and Bandido execute suicide dives to the floor. Mysterio hits a big frogsplash on Matt off the top for a near fall.

Now, The Young Bucks hit a series of super kicks, blasting and taking out Mysterio, Bandido and Fenix one after the other with super kicks. The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi hit the More-Bang-For-Your-Buck for a very, very believable near fall pin attempt.

Finally, the finish in this one comes when The Young Bucks hit The Meltzer Driver on Bandido and covered him for the 1-2-3 and the pinfall victory. As soon as the match ended, the pay-per-view almost immediately went off the air. Great main event. Great show overall.

Winners: The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi

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