WWE Sends Internal Covid-19 Memo To Talent and Staffers As Tapings Continue

All WWE Talent & Staffers Receive Internal Covid-19 Memo As Tapings Continue

As WWE moves forward with “SmackDown” and “Raw” tapings, according to an article at TMZ, officals have sent out a memo to all talent and employees under the brand telling them how to stay safe amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Similar to the protocol for the Wrestlemania taping, a medical team will be screening everyone before they are even allowed into the Performance Center. The details of the tests are unknown, but at the very least, the medical team will be taking everyone’s temperatures so everyone is advised to “arrive early.”

Once an individual is cleared to enter the facilities, they are encouraged to wear a mask – whether one that they bought or made, with the memo even outlining steps on how to sew one or create a makeshift one using a bandana or the sleeve of a shirt. It is noted though that on camera, the masks are to be taken off.

Finally, WWE is advising everyone to wash their hands before and after handling the masks, or after matches by using soap and water for at least 20 seconds and to continue to practice “social distancing”.

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