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Allie Talks About Working With Gail Kim, Impact Wrestling Changes, Jeff Jarrett

Impact Wrestling star Allie recently spoke with the folks at Sportskeeda for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On working with Gail Kim: “Well, I’ve looked up to Gail since before I started wrestling and I actually heard so many stories about her at the school I was training in — Squared Circle Training – Gail also did some training at that school. So, I heard so much about Gail, how athletic she was, how amazing she was. Then to be able to debut for Impact Wrestling against Gail, and now flash forward to Bound For Glory to be able to share the ring with her during her retirement year, it’s kinda like mind-blowing for me and it’s an honor to share the ring with her.”

On her favorite Impact Wrestling moments: “I’ve got a couple of big ones — one of them has to be the wedding segment with Braxton Sutter. That was a pretty big moment for us; I was so proud of everyone in that segment. From Madison, who wrote that segment, to everybody that took part in it just played their part so good. It came off so well, the fans were going crazy. Then there’s obviously winning the Knockouts Championship. What some people might not know, as soon as Earl [Hebner] counted to three I started bawling my eyes out, because you know I wanted to hold that title for so many years. So, even though I only got to hold it for a day, I felt that all of my work had finally paid off.”

On her relationship with Jeff Jarrett and if she feels the locker room will be different without him: “Well, I had a really good relationship with Jeff. I knew Jeff when Braxton [Sutter] and I actually worked for Global Force in the UK. We did a tour, and we also did some of his shows around the US, so both Karen and Jeff we knew pretty well. They’ve really been great with us. I’ve had a great relationship with both of them for a while. We haven’t been back at TV, so it’s gonna be different without them, but I know the company is in really good hands, so I’m not too worried.”

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