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Angle Talks About Infamous Backstage Wrestling Match With Lesnar, Reveals Who Won

Ahead of his WWE Hall Of Fame induction during WrestleMania 33 weekend, former WWE and TNA star Kurt Angle continues to make the media rounds, doing interviews with various outlets to promote the honor he will be receiving later this year in Orlando, Florida.

During the latest interview, which Angle gave the folks at Ring Rust Radio this past week, the former Olympic gold medalist spoke about the infamous backstage amateur wrestling shoot match he had during his WWE days with former NCAA and UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

“Gosh no! He’d kick my ass. Guys, I’m 48 years old, when I got in the ring with Brock I was in my prime. I was 37 or 38, but that was the best I felt my life other than my neck. The injuries with my neck had a lot to do with why I left WWE. I broke my neck four times in two and a half years. It was a very bad time for me and I got addicted to painkillers and I felt like I was a liability to Vince. I opted out and after my release, I didn’t speak to Vince for eleven years. When I did wrestle Brock, the rumors fly around, but it was a very close match. Basically, whoever got the first takedown in the match it was going to be over and I fortunately got that takedown. It lasted 15 minutes and we went at it for a long time. I knew I would beat Brock. There’s a difference between an NCAA champion and Olympic gold medalist even if I did give up 80 pounds. Brock was about 310 pounds back then and I was about to 225, but I’ve always wrestled guys that size. I wrestled heavyweight in college, so I wasn’t new to it.”

“I think Brock knew that he got beat. Brock is the greatest athlete I’ve ever gotten in the ring with. He can be the best at whatever he wants to be. He was an NCAA champion, a UFC champion and he was one cut away from making an NFL team and without ever playing a game in his life. The Minnesota Vikings wanted him to go to NFL Europe for a year and come back. They were going to do a deal with him. He would’ve been a ten time All-Pro there’s no doubt about it. I know his capabilities and he has that kind of potential. He would’ve been a Hall of Famer in any sport he wanted to. To show that kind of versatility, not many people can do that. Brock is a special athlete not because he is so big and strong, but because he’s such a great damn athlete and one of the best I ever got in the ring with.”

Check out the complete Kurt Angle interview with the folks at “Ring Rust Radio” at BlogTalkRadio.com.

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