Another NXT Superstar’s Contract is Also Reportedly Expiring Later This Year

— It appears another NXT contract is about to expire later this year. is reporting that Johnny Gargano’s deal with WWE is coming up due on December 3, 2021 and as of this week, the two sides had no begun any discussions in negotiating a new deal or extension, but from WWE’s side, they “expected” to do so in the fall.

— Gargano’s contract expiration date of December 2021 is actually when WWE thought that Adam Cole’s deal was also up but as has been reported many times already, the company was caught by surprise when it was realized that Cole’s deal ran out six months earlier, causing them to frantically sign a short-term deal before Cole eventually walked away. WWE sources have stated that in Gargano’s case, they are fully aware of the details on the deal and this isn’t unexpected.

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