Anthem Held “Secret” Meetings With Jeff Jarrett About TNA

Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the parent company of TNA and The Fight Network, has reportedly had talks recently with TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett hasn’t been offered a role nor has he been doing any advising, but rather talked to them about TNA’s earlier years. According to a report by John Pollack of The Fight Network, Anthem reportedly brought Jarrett in to give “background information” about TNA.

Anthem is preparing to revive the TNA brand, and reports that they started bringing in Jarrett earlier this month. Anthem executive Ed Nordholm is overseeing TNA, and he reportedly wanted first-hand information about how the promotion operated throughout different periods in it’s history.

Jarrett and Nordholm’s talks were originally considered top secret, but when Pollack heard rumors at the office and asked Anthem higher-ups to confirm, they did and allowed him to run with the story as he saw fit.

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