Anthony Bowens Says He Still Hasn’t Fully Processed The Reaction The Acclaimed Receives From The Fans

All Elite Wrestling Star Anthony Bowens recently spoke with WhatCulture on a number of topics such as how he still hasn’t fully processed the reaction The Acclaimed receives from the AEW fans on a weekly basis and the connection they have built with the live crowd in attendance to the point where they go crazy and all everybody wants to do is scissor.

Anthony Bowens said:

“I still haven’t really processed it. Stepping back from crazy Anthony Bowens right now, truly, I haven’t processed it. I’m just grateful and thankful that we’ve been able to build a connection with the audience to the point where they go crazy, and all everybody wants to do, anywhere I go, is scissor. Everybody wants to scissor. That personal connection means even more to us than just being able to go out there and wrestle because we can wrestle anywhere. We wrestled on the Indies for ten years in front of everybody – well, some people, but then you get to this magnitude, and you see how you’re affecting people positively. It’s incredible.”

Anthony Bowens also spoke about how the fans should never look at the Urban Dictionary for Scissoring as it is solely a sign of friendship.

Anthony Bowens said:

“Don’t ever look at Urban Dictionary. Scissoring is solely a sign of friendship. You can do it with your mom, your dad, your grandma, your brother, and your friend. Scissor everybody that you can and let them know that you are a true friend and that you love The Acclaimed.”

You can check out Anthony Bowens’ full comments in the video below. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.

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