Ariel Helwani: Interviewing AEW’s Tony Khan Was Frustrating

— Ariel Helwani recently interviewed AEW CEO Tony Khan for his show and it sounds like it wasn’t one of his better interviews. Helwani recently spoke of his chat with Khan, suggesting that it was one of the most “frustrating” and “not fun” interviews he has ever done due to Khan’s refusal to answer any of Helwani’s questions.

“Look whatever I’m gonna say here is going to piss off the AEW supermarks. But I’ll just say this. One of the most frustrating and to a degree, not so fun interviews of my career. Because as you may have seen…he didn’t want to answer anything. You’re going to come on and promote X, Y, and Z, great. And I’ll play that dance with you. And I did, at the beginning. But you got to give us something, to not even tell me how you were feeling. I’m not asking for specifics, alright fine I asked, but is Punk going to wrestle for you, is he coming back, you don’t want to get into it, fine. But tell me how you were feeling. Give me something.”

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