Ariya Daivari Talks Post-WWE Plans

In his first interview since receiving his release from WWE, former 205 Live talent Ariya Daivari discussed a number of topics, including his future plans.

During the conversation with WrestleZone, Daivari revealed plans to continue teaming with Tony Nese, who also received his release from WWE. Ariya explained:

“To be honest, one thing that I really want to put out there is just continuing to tag team with Tony Nese. I feel like we were on the cusp of greatness, you know? We were ready to go full boar with it and unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out so we definitely, me and Tony have kind of kept our eye on the tag team scene a lot more. Obviously, there’s really good teams in every company right now so hopefully, that’s something that me and Tony can do,” Daivari explained, “is step into the tag team light a little bit bigger together.”

Ariya continued to talk about his plans to team with Nese, and revealed the date when Tony will be available for competition again. Daivari stated:

“We’re communicating every day and getting stuff figured out so hopefully, that’ll come to fruition soon… Tony’s 90-day non-compete clause comes to a close on September 23, but he’ll be staying ring-ready before then and also plans to dabble in the live streaming on Twitch as well.”

(Via Fightful)

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