Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin Speaks On Why He Won’t Return To The Ring Like Goldberg

Stone Cold Steve Austin says he has no plans to make an in-ring return like Goldberg did last year. On the latest edition of the Steve Austin Show podcast, Austin answered a question from a fan about having one more match. Austin, currently 52, didn’t use the word “retired” but did indicate that his in-ring days are definitely behind him. Austin said he still loves wrestling, but that he’s enjoying his post-wrestling life.

Stone Cold noted on the podcast that he’s happy with his decision to “ride off into the sunset” after his 2003 WrestleMania match against The Rock. The WWE Hall of Famer added that he’s satisfied enough with his career that he doesn’t want to take on the pressure of a comeback match, and that’s the bottom line.

While Goldberg’s return against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series did generate positive buzz for WWE, Austin indicated that he feels the spotlight should be on the younger generation of the wrestling business. You can listen to the entire podcast with Austin’s fan Q&A here.


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