Austin Theory Talks To Wrestling Inc

Austin Theory On WWE Tryout, Keith Lee/Matt Riddle, EVOLVE & More

Our friends at Wrestling Inc recently spoke with Austin Theory about his WWE tryout, working in EVOLVE Wrestling and more. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On being on the top of’s list of atendees at the Theory’s Performance Center tryout: “It took me a little bit when I got the email and I see, ‘Hey, come down to the Performance Center for a tryout,’ I was kinda blown away. I was like, ‘Wow, this is what I’ve wanted my whole life. Being an eight-year-old kid watching John Cena. But yeah, it’s crazy — especially being on top of the article you know being the number one picture — I don’t know sometimes it’s unreal. It doesn’t seem like it’s reality.”

On working hard at the tryout and EVOLVE Wrestling: “It was definitely hard testing. Just to see how far you’d go and how bad you really wanted it. I even said this to myself even going into it and to friends who are close to me. I would say, ‘Anybody can say they want something and that’s the reason why we have to go through this for three or four days. Because we’re gonna see who really wants this ’cause anybody can say those words but when it really comes down to it, who can really do the action.’

“I’ve gotten feedback, you know with EVOLVE and how big it has grown now we had Adam Cole recently defend the North American Championship that he used to have at our show. It’s like we’re really tied in and I feel like we’re making a good relationship with WWE and stuff and obviously, guys in the past in the Cruiserweight Division have come from EVOLVE. We’re tied in there and we have William Regal and Robbie Brookside come and do seminars and I get to talk to them and I see them at the tryout. We all just stay very close.”

On working with Keith Lee and Matt Riddle in EVOLVE: “The thing I hated with Keith is that I only got to wrestle him once, you know? I see him all the time and we’re good friends and I loved our match together. I can just imagine if we could have another match which could happen, you know what I mean?

“Riddle — I loved wrestling Riddle. I’ve actually gotten to wrestle Riddle a couple times — again I only got to wrestle Riddle that one time at EVOLVE — but I did get to wrestle him two other places. He’s just another guy I love being in the ring with him.”

On his goal being to get to WWE: “Absolutely, you know my goal has always been WWE. I’ve never been somebody to say my sights are set somewhere else. You know I’m twenty-one right now and my goal has always been twenty-one — it’s crazy but I’m twenty-one now — but twenty-one has always been my age to get in there and be there because that’s what I’ve strived for. I’ve only known the indies for about two-and-a-half years and my trainer AR Fox was the one who introduced me to that and really opened my eyes to just how big the indie scene is and how I can make a living off of it.”

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