Backstage Details on Bray Wyatt’s Absence From WWE TV

— Bray Wyatt has been absent from WWE TV since February 24 and while that has raised some eyebrows, he also ended up not appearing at the 3/12 house show in New York despite being advertised for it which then escalated into full blown speculation about Wyatt’s status with WWE.

— is reporting that those familiar with the situation are claiming that Wyatt is currently sidelined with a physical issue, further clarifying that it is an “illness” of some sort, with a undetermined return date as of this time. One of the rumors that was going around was that Wyatt had walked out due to creative differences, however, nothing has suggested that to be true. In his absence, WWE has continued the storyline between Bray and Bobby Lashley for WrestleMania which would also imply that they expect him back sooner rather than later. For what it’s worth, WWE sends material for Wyatt and Uncle Howdy weekly to Smackdown though obviously none of that has been used the last two weeks and Wyatt wasn’t even figured in any of the scripts.

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