Jordynne Grace Talks To Hairy Wrestling Fan

Backstage Details On Jordynne Grace’s NXT Debut; How WWE Kept Her Appearance a Secret

Jordynne Grace debuted in NXT this week and by the sounds of it, it was kept extremely quiet. is reporting that the WWE agreement to bring in the TNA Knockouts Champion to NXT was made three weeks ago. The deal was kept so under wraps, in fact, that 99-percent of the TNA Wrestling staff were even unaware it was happening until after she appeared live on the 5/29 episode of NXT on USA.

For the NXT internal run sheet, WWE listed Alexa Bliss as the person who would be coming out as the revealed challenger for Roxanne Perez’s NXT Women’s Championship defense at NXT Battleground 2024. As well, WWE even played Hall of Famer Lita’s theme music inside the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, FL. during rehearsals for the show as a way of avoiding potential spoilers from leaking and to throw people off. As reported, Perez insisted she not know who the revealed title challenger would be for NXT Battleground 2024 until the segment aired live, however there are some who are skeptical of that.

The assumption is that there will be NXT involvement at the TNA Against All Odds 2024 show in Chicago, where Grace will hold an open challenge for the TNA Knockouts Championship, and/or the TNA Slammiversary 2024 show in Montreal. The hope within TNA is that NXT involvement and the crossovers with talent will help boost ticket sales for their shows. Whether they advertise anyone from NXT ahead of time remains to be seen.

Jordynne Grace is currently under a deal with TNA Wrestling that reportedly expires in the first quarter of 2025.

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