Backstage Details On MJF’s Return To AEW At Double Or Nothing; News On His Contract

— Maxwell Jacob Friedman finally returned to AEW at Double or Nothing on Sunday after having been gone about five months. As previously reported, plans were already in motion for his reappearance well in advance of his return at the PPV. He had been out of action due to a legitimate and serious shoulder injury that ultimately did not require surgery.

— A fightfulselect.com report noted that even though a good chunk of the roster expected it, AEW went to extreme lengths to keep MJF’s appearance a secret – first by having him fly into Phoenix instead and then driving to the site of Double or Nothing, Las Vegas and second, they hid MJF and actually brought him to the arena and into the backstage area in a wheelchair covered up so he wouldn’t be concretely identified.

— MJF’s contract situation has also been a topic of rumors ever since reports emerged that he was looking for a new deal worth more money. The above report claims that MJF actually signed a new AEW contract in 2022 following Double or Nothing though the length and exact details are unknown. MJF’s original contract reportedly was going to expire September 1, 2022 so that’s another source of uncertainty on whether MJF signed an extension (triggered after September) or whether he signed a new deal that immediately replaced the one he was on (effective May 2022). Either way, the new deal is a multi-million dollar agreement making him one of AEW’s highest paid wrestlers. One of the reasons he was looking for a new contract was his general unhappiness at the pay considering what other, newer wrestlers were getting in 2022 on their deals.

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