Backstage Details Roman Reigns, John Cena Promo That Aired on WWE Friday Night Smackdown

According to, the Roman Reigns-John Cena segment that aired on Smackdown last Friday had several people influence its outcome. Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman were responsible for their lines and John Cena was responsible for his – but this is nothing that unusual as Cena always writes his own promos and Heyman and Reigns are almost exclusively writing his material now. Michael Kirschenbaum was the segment’s “writer” in theory but his role was mainly to ensure that the promos didn’t go “off the rails” and ultimately, he would be accountable to Vince McMahon as well as Kevin Dunn, who needed to know the music cues. There was no rehearsal that took place but the goal was to put some “shock value” into the promo to get people talking.

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