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Backstage Internal Reaction Within WWE To New Wyatt Sicks Stable

— The new Wyatt stable debuted on Monday’s Raw after weeks and possibly months of teases and anticipation. While WWE has not officially named the members, the previously rumored quintet of Nikki Cross (Abby the Witch based on Sister Abigail), Dexter Lumis (Mercy the Buzzard), Joe Gacy (Huskus The Pig Boy), Erick Rowan (Ramblin Rabbit) and Bo Dallas (Uncle Howdy) as the leader are behind the characters and each of them essentially revealed themselves in separate social media posts under their own accounts.

— Fightfulselect.com is reporting that while the group (seemingly dubbed The Wyatt Sicks/Sick6 based on merchandising) isn’t likely to interact with every storyline on Raw, they are expected to be dispersed throughout various programs having a “domino effect” on stories that are taking place Raw. Those who were shown to be attacked and laid out by the stable were “calculated, planned and designed for specific reasons.” As of this week, the Wyatt storyline is still not expected to feature much, if any, supernatural elements and one WWE source indicated that it would be too difficult to pay off a wrestler vs. a ghost type of a match.

— The report added that WWE officials were “over the moon” about the crowd reaction in Corpus Christi, which generally has a reputation as being a dead crowd. The company was also said to be very happy at the production of the final segment introducing the stable as well as the buzz that it generated and the feedback that it received in the hours after Raw went off air.

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