Backstage News Update On WWE vs. AEW Expectations

Backstage News On Expectations For WWE vs. AEW “Wednesday Night Wars” Ratings Battle

In the upcoming ratings war between AEW on TNT and NXT on the USA network, Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio noted that there are a lot of people who now believe that NXT will win the viewership battle due to being on USA, whereas previously the speculation was that when the show was going to be on FS1, it was believed that AEW would have the upper hand.

The reason for this reversal of thought is due to USA being available in more homes than FS1 and the promotion the network will do on Raw to drive viewers to watch on Wednesday.

There are really no firm estimates on what would constitute a successful viewership number for NXT on USA, but 900,000 is currently being looked at internally as a bit of a benchmark in that anything above that would be considered acceptable and anything less than that would fall below expectations. Social Media Interaction



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