Backstage News on How Tommy End Appeared At AEW Dynamite

— Former WWE star Aleister Black debuted for AEW this week, causing some confusion on how he was able to join a rival promotion well ahead of WWE’s traditional 90-day non compete clause. reports that an office blunder by WWE is actually the reason this was allowed to happen. As per their report, when Black was moved to the main roster from NXT, the company failed to update his non-compete clause from 30 days to the usual 90 days that wrestlers on either Raw or Smackdown have. This enabled Black to appear on Dynamite for the first show back with a live audience. It is unclear at this time whether other recently recently wrestlers also had this same clerical error happen to them or not.

— Black confirmed this news yesterday on Twitch speaking of his debut:

“Once I found out that my contract was a tad different than the usual, I just came up with this idea. We made it a thing to make it available to as limited people as possible because that’s how you keep it under wraps. Security, Cody Rhodes, and a few others. It may have been five or six total people. It was all very last second. I feel like, in modern day wrestling, there are few moments to make a genuine surprise and get people to look your way. For me to sneak in, not be seen, dip and dive so they wouldn’t see me, that took some skill.”

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