Angle/McIntyre Updates

Backstage News On Kurt Angle vs. Drew McIntyre Match On RAW

According to a report by Sports Illustrated, the match between Drew McIntyre and Kurt Angle at this past Monday’s Raw was drawn up by both Angle himself and Vince McMahon. The story that Angle wanted to tell was that he still wanted to compete but that the “younger, ruthless kid” was simply too much to overcome. Thus, the match played out where McIntyre brutalized Angle and seemingly destroyed his shot at being part of the Raw team at Survivor Series.

The story also goes on to note that after McMahon and Angle met to iron out the details of the match, it was Kurt who then presented the creative to McIntyre. The two have a history with one another as Angle specifically wanted to put over McIntyre in 2016 before he left TNA and this match, was also Angle being “selfless” to help get McIntyre over.

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