Adam Copeland

Backstage News on Adam “Edge” Copeland’s AEW Debut; Reaction From WWE, more

— Adam Copeland, formerly known as WWE superstar Edge, made a surprising move to AEW over the weekend, appearing at the conclusion of the WrestleDream PPV. According to a report from, the backstage response to his debut has been overwhelmingly positive.

— While it has been publicly confirmed that Copeland will be wrestling full-time, possibly on a weekly basis, the report also indicates that he will play a “significant role” within the company, likely in a backstage or mentorship capacity. This aligns with Copeland’s expressed interest in such a role during post-PPV media interviews. One AEW talent even suggested that Copeland might fill the void left by CM Punk, serving as a veteran presence without causing any issues and providing assistance to younger talent.

— Interestingly, rumors about Copeland’s move had been circulating as far back as the beginning of summer, and by last week, it was being described as “the worst kept secret in wrestling.” It appears that people within both WWE and AEW were convinced that he would make the jump.

— The general consensus is that Copeland left WWE on good terms, and there is a sense of happiness for him from those within WWE. If he ever decides to return, he would likely be welcomed back by the company.

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