Backstage News On AEW Using Real Life Heat Between Wrestlers in On-Screen Feud

At tonight’s AEW Rampage Grand Slam tapings, Santana and Ortiz ignited a feud that is rooted in the real-life conflicts they’ve experienced over the past two years.

The discord traces back to early 2022 when Ortiz and Eddie Kingston found themselves at odds with Santana, though the exact reasons remain undisclosed. According to those within AEW, Eddie Kingston has continued to express his sentiments about this issue since Santana’s return but has shown willingness to collaborate with him.

Santana and Ortiz’s feud officially commenced tonight, stemming from their genuine drifting apart in 2022 to the extent that they no longer wished to team up. AEW sources have indicated that their disagreements are indeed authentic, but they agreed to team up for All In before embarking on this feud. This explains why their public exchanges on social media, where they took shots at each other, garnered significant attention.

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