Will Ospreay

Backstage News On AEW’s Will Ospreay Cutting a Promo On WWE CCO Triple H

The buzz surrounding last night’s AEW Dynamite wasn’t just about the CM Punk / Jack Perry footage; Will Ospreay’s colorful interview also stirred conversation. Ospreay’s response to perceived remarks from WWE CCO Triple H last week made waves. Without naming specific talent or even AEW, Triple H insinuated that some wrestlers opt for alternatives to WWE due to lighter schedules, implying they aren’t committed to the grind. Ospreay fired back, suggesting Triple H’s success was due to factors other than hard work. Unconfirmed reports emerged questioning whether Ospreay’s comments were scripted or spontaneous.

A report from fightfulselect.com suggests Ospreay was not only comfortable with delivering the promo but also that it was his idea. He collaborated with AEW’s creative team to develop the concept, although plans to target CM Punk were scrapped as it was deemed excessive.

Regarding the perceived jabs from Triple H and Punk (who joked about Ospreay’s tattoo), wrestlers in both AEW and WWE were reportedly puzzled. One WWE wrestler noted that Ospreay’s decision to join AEW seemed driven by family concerns and that he approached the situation with respect toward WWE.

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