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Backstage News on CM Punk – Miro Incident; Possibility of Punk Not Returning to AEW

During AEW’s All In event at Wembley Stadium, there was a backstage altercation involving CM Punk and Jungle Boy Jack Perry. The incident occurred after Perry had wrestled on the pre-show and while Punk was preparing for his match against Samoa Joe. Here are the key details:

  1. Initial Altercation with Jungle Boy Jack Perry: Punk confronted Perry backstage while Perry was receiving medical attention for minor cuts. Punk asked if Perry had a problem with him, referring to comments Perry had made during his match. Perry responded that Punk had heard what he said. Punk retorted that he could beat Perry up and reportedly either shoved or pushed Perry, putting him in a headlock. The incident was broken up swiftly.
  2. Witnesses and Tony Khan’s Presence: Multiple witnesses, including AEW CEO Tony Khan, were present during the altercation. Khan was situated in the Gorilla Position, overseeing the PPV. Monitors were knocked down onto Khan during the incident.
  3. Punk’s Reaction and Threat to Quit: Punk was reportedly furious about the situation and even threatened to quit. This caused a delay as officials scrambled to find a replacement match to proceed with the PPV. The Young Bucks & FTR were approached, but they weren’t ready. Ultimately, the participants from the Golden Elite vs. Bullet Club Gold/Konosuke Takeshita match were willing to go out if needed. Joe managed to convince Punk to go ahead with his scheduled match.
  4. Interaction with Miro: There was another incident involving Punk and Miro. Miro asked Punk about the altercation with Perry. Punk asked Miro if he had a problem with him and asked him to step aside. However, this altercation remained verbal, with no physical confrontation.
  5. Suspensions and Speculation: Both Punk and Perry were suspended pending an investigation into the incidents. Rumors suggested that some within AEW believed Punk might not return, while others thought he would once the investigation concluded. Punk’s presence at All Out was uncertain due to these events.
  6. CM Punk’s Arrival in London: There were rumors about Punk’s arrival in London. One version stated that no one from AEW was present to pick him up, so he took the train. Another version suggested that Punk either offered or was advised to take the train by AEW officials. Regardless, once on the train, he apparently got lost.

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