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Backstage News on CM Punk Returning to WWE; Reportedly Not Discussions Have Taken Place

— Since his departure from AEW last month, there have been widespread rumors suggesting that CM Punk might be making a return to WWE, possibly as early as Survivor Series in Chicago. These speculations were fueled by reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. However, a report from presents an entirely different perspective:

  • High-ranking sources within WWE have categorically denied the reports of Punk signing with the company, deeming them “completely false.” They assert that no discussions or negotiations have occurred between WWE and Punk regarding a return. Several WWE officials wanted to clarify this for fans who might be anticipating Punk’s appearance at Survivor Series.
  • According to sources, Punk’s representatives have initiated preliminary contact with WWE to assess their potential interest in him. Punk seems to be waiting for WWE to make the first move, and many believe that if WWE were to extend an offer, he would likely accept it.
  • Several WWE talents have inquired with management about the possibility of Punk’s return, and they have been informed that as of now, there are no plans to bring him back.
  • In response to the teases related to Punk that emerged on WWE broadcasts in the past week, one WWE official believes that these lines were not pre-approved and suggests that the wrestlers themselves may have spontaneously made those statements. Some even speculate that those remarks linked to Punk might have been aimed at getting “under CM Punk’s skin.”
  • There remains a significant level of animosity towards Punk within WWE, primarily stemming from his last stint in the company almost a decade ago. Those familiar with the situation believe that WWE would consult with many talents in the event of considering Punk’s return to minimize potential negative drama and prevent a recurrence of any issues that arose in AEW. It is widely believed that Punk would need to mend fences with several top talents to make any return remotely plausible.
  • When Punk appeared backstage at WWE Raw earlier this year, some believed he was seeking to be rehired, while others thought he was there to establish alliances, as tensions in his relationship with AEW were becoming evident.
  • Another potential obstacle to a Punk-WWE reunion is contract terms. Punk was a full-time employee for AEW and received a substantial salary that exceeded that of many top WWE wrestlers. With his leverage significantly reduced, it is unlikely that WWE would be willing to offer him a deal anywhere near what he earned with AEW.

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