Damian Priest

Backstage News on Long-Term Plans For WWE’s Judgment Day Stable

— The Judgment Day remains one of WWE’s top acts but it appears the long-term plan for the stable will see a significant change, losing a member but possibly gaining another one. In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that the idea for the group is for Damian Priest to exit the faction with the possibility that JD McDonagh could find his way in, though the last note while probable, is not confirmed.

— Tensions within the stable have increased throughout the summer since Priest won the Money in the Bank briefcase and then subsequently cost Finn Balor his matches at both at the above event and SummerSlam. McDonagh has been pegged as a new member of Judgment Day for several weeks, but the plan was reportedly put on hold in July but restarted earlier this month.

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