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Backstage News on Possibility of CM Punk Coming Back to WWE

– CM Punk’s status with AEW has been in the news lately with the latest report via the Observer Newsletter suggesting that Punk’s time with the promotion is effectively over and that the two sides are in negotiations to work out a buyout with the sticking point being a non-compete clause. That immediately brought up questions on if Punk has interest in going back to WWE, something which always seemed a near impossibility.

– also reports that it appears Punk is done in AEW as people close to him have stated that “realistically he can’t expect to be back” and even further, there are other wrestlers in AEW who have said that they aren’t interested in sharing a locker room with Punk unless “huge amends” are made from Punk’s side.

– As for prospects of him re-joining WWE, sources there have noted that if Vince McMahon was still under control, there’s no way that Punk would be back pointing to the fact that at one point FOX pushed hard for WWE to work something out for Punk and Vince never budged. However, with Triple H now in control, everything appears on the table with insiders suggesting that he’s willing to work with anyone within reason under the “right situation, right money and right creative.”

– One source noted that Triple H wants to be a success, create compelling programming and bringing Punk back would certainly line up with that, however, if it were to happen, it is unlikely to be a full-time deal that he had in AEW. Of course, there are multiple other factors involved – would Punk even be interested in returning and if he is successful in securing a buyout, he may end up financially in a position to never need or want to wrestle again.

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