Veer Mahan

Backstage News on Veer Mahaan’s Future in WWE

Veer Mahaan has a big future ahead of him in WWE.

Wrestling insider Boozer Insider noted that the Indus Sher is viewed as “top quality” behind-the-scenes and is being groomed for a “big future in a few years” in the company.

WWE is pushing international acts such as the LWO and Indus Sher for when they travel to Latin American and Indian markets, as it leaves them open to have Superstars who can be booked as top acts and used in local media a lot more seamlessly.

The company is soon headed to Hyderabad, India, as they have a date on the WWE calendar for a show in the market on September 9th, and Indus Sher will almost certainly be there, possibly in a big match.

It is unclear whether or not this event will be televised, but it is likely that it will be a premium live event.

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