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Backstage News On Who Will Be Replacing CM Punk As Top Star on AEW Collision

It seems that Bryan Danielson, also known as “The American Dragon,” is expected to have a reduced in-ring presence on AEW’s Wednesday and Friday night shows (Dynamite and Rampage). Instead, he will primarily focus on wrestling on AEW’s Saturday night program, Collision.

This decision could be related to Bryan Danielson’s desire to spend more time with his family during the week, as mentioned by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. By having a lighter schedule during the week, he can enjoy more quality time with his kids.

With CM Punk’s departure from AEW, there may have been a need to bolster the talent on the Saturday night Collision program, ensuring that it maintains a strong roster of top-tier performers. Bryan Danielson’s presence on Collision could help fill that void and make the show a prominent platform for his matches and storylines.

It’s worth noting that wrestling schedules can be demanding, and the decision to focus on specific nights allows wrestlers to balance their professional commitments with personal life.

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