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Backstage News On WWE Being Interested in AEW’s Younger Talent; AEW Focused on Veterans

  • In a recent issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there was a discussion regarding the exchange of talent between WWE and AEW. The report highlighted an observation from someone within WWE, suggesting that the ongoing “wrestling war” between the two promotions is beginning to resemble past rivalries like WWE vs. WCW, TNA, or Bellator. The pattern emerging is that AEW is inclined to sign “older” WWE talent with established name recognition, illustrated by examples like Adam Copeland, while WWE is looking at younger AEW talent, such as Jade Cargill, marking a historical recurrence.
  • Furthermore, the report delves into the belief held internally that some of the younger stars in AEW are already discussing the possibility of leaving the promotion once their contracts expire. This sentiment isn’t confined to the talent alone, as even within AEW, there are individuals suggesting a similar notion. The concern within AEW is that if this trend continues, it might create a perception that AEW is akin to a minor league for WWE, potentially tarnishing the company’s image. The report also noted that there will be substantial movement of talent in both directions, but WWE’s primary interest lies in acquiring younger wrestlers.

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