Backstage News On WWE Pulling Back On Raw/Smackdown Advertising For House Shows

— WWE has seen a recent boom in popularity and it has been reflected in solid TV viewership and ratings and even more impressive live event attendance. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that with this success has come a change in philosophy in the way that WWE purchases television advertising time.

— In the past, the company would purchase ads through local cable companies during Raw, Smackdown and sometimes even NXT to promote their live events / house show business. For example, WWE always runs Madison Square Garden around Christmas and during the fall, they would often buy ads on both Raw and Smackdown for that show as well as other house shows in nearby markets. However, over the last month and a half, WWE has paused advertising (there were no ads for the 6/28 Smackdown at MSG) and according to WWE sources, the company is going to discontinue running these types of ads for the foreseeable future.

— The Observer added that this directive was put into place before TKO merged UFC and WWE’s live events departments as a way to cut costs. Instead, the company is increasing emails to people on their mailing list for upcoming house shows as this considerably less costly. Furthermore, with WWE running hot in many markets, they know that the shows will sell out or come close and it doesn’t make it a cost-effective strategy to purchase ads on TV; if the business begins to struggle, the strategy can and will be altered.

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