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Backstage News on WWE Scrapping Angle on Monday Night Raw Due to AEW/MJF Spot

— On Monday’s WWE Raw, an early script for the show called for a segment which would have seen a wrestler throw a drink in another wrestlers’ face during a match on the show. Those that heard of these plans assumed it was a shot at the AEW incident where MJF splashed a drink on a child that led to a lot of negative publicity. However, fightfulselect.com reports that this isn’t the case as WWE had formulated their segment before AEW Revolution even took place and in fact, much of Raw’s creative was done before the weekend.

— In any case, the segment never even happened as WWE ended up scrapping it but it remained included in the run sheets as of Monday afternoon. The report speculated that WWE creative may have nixed the segment as a result of the MJF incident that ended up taking place on Sunday.

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