Backstage News on WWE’s Efforts to Streamline & Repackage Championship Belts

— WWE has made efforts as of late to streamline and repackage their championship titles to better align with the nature of their business and sort out the situation that became muddled following the company’s talent draft earlier this year. Fightfulselect.com confirms that the reason WWE presented Asuka with a new belt is to clean up the Raw/Smackdown situation while also wanting her championship to resemble the one Roman Reigns’ was presented with as a way to elevate it and portray it on the same level as the men’s title. The report adds that Rhea Ripley’s “Smackdown” women’s title is expected to receive a modification/adjustment as well – either in name or appearance with no other details known yet.

— WWE’s decision to unify the titles dates back to their Day 1 PPV in 2021 after Reigns got COVID but by the summer of 2022, there were plans to have the titles separated again by WrestleMania 39, however, those obviously got nixed as well. Shortly after WrestleMania though, plans finalized to split the titles again so that Raw could have their own championship title. A source within WWE noted that the technically the Universal and WWE title histories are still considered separate and said they believe that the WWE title’s history will continue once Reigns loses the championship.

— Meanwhile, the women’s tag team titles in WWE and NXT are being combined in a couple of weeks with plans going back to April to maket his happen, around the same timeframe as the WWE draft. The women’s tag team titles will appear on NXT programming whenever creative calls for it, which was actually the plan all along for the WWE women’s tag titles. This is why many questioned why the NXT titles were even created in the first place as the original tag titles were meant to be defended across all three shows. It is believed that the unification of the tag titles would have already happened if not for all the injuries that the women’s division suffered in recent weeks and months.

— Finally, the fightful report added that the only remaining “point of frustration” is WWE’s continued usage of the term “undisputed” when referring to Reigns’ and Asuka’s respective titles, especially when Seth Rollins a world champion and Rhea Ripley is also still an equivalent champ, both on Raw. One WWE official stated that the situation is “admittedly confusing” and that despite objections, WWE higher ups have dismissed that feedback and insisted on keeping the undisputed tagline to those belts.

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