Backstage News On WWE’s Plans For This Year’s Raw & Smackdown Draft

The upcoming 2024 WWE Draft is garnering attention, particularly with a renewed emphasis on WWE NXT’s involvement in the televised event.

There are indications that WWE might shake things up this year by allowing talents to transition to the WWE NXT brand. This speculation gained traction after The Final Testament and Ivar made appearances on WWE NXT this past Tuesday night, hinting at potential roster movements to bolster WWE NXT’s status as a premier brand within the company once more.

In the coming weeks leading up to the two-week WWE NXT Spring Breakin’ 2024 themed events, WWE NXT TV will heavily feature draft-related content.

WWE NXT executive Shawn Michaels recently informed several talents that he’s uncertain about who will be called up from WWE NXT to the WWE main roster in the draft. However, Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov are reportedly considered strong contenders for Raw or SmackDown, with Roxanne Perez’s draft status remaining uncertain despite recent on-air hints. Other potential additions under consideration include Tony D’Angelo and Baron Corbin.

The timing of this year’s draft is strategic, coinciding with the NFL Draft to capitalize on the excitement surrounding “draft fever,” a strategy WWE has employed successfully in the past. Additionally, the involvement of networks such as CW and Netflix is anticipated to influence some draft decisions. While the Netflix deal may have implications for future drafts, it is not expected to impact this year’s event.

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