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Backstage News On Reason Why Lars Sullivan Disappeared From WWE After “Anxiety Attack”

When Lars Sullivan disappeared earlier this year after what was reported as an “anxiety attack”, many assumed that it was because he had some sort of “stage fright” in performing in front of the big stage (he had just been confirmed as being called up to either Raw or SmackDown).

According to the Observer, the true reason for Sullivan’s absence due to anxiety was that it was due to the fear of his past comments coming back to haunt him and leading to repercussions of the story on himself, his family and friends and on WWE itself.

WWE – whether due to their investment in him as the next Brock Lesnar type character or whether they learned from the Mauro Ranallo incident – gave him all the time he needed to gather himself mentally and then brought him up anyway and gave him a different, yet still significant, push.

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