Update On WWE Talents Possibly Jumping Ship To AEW (6/1/2019)

Backstage News On Reasons Why WWE Stars Are Considering Jumping-Ship To AEW

A number of people (this would probably include wrestlers and non-wrestlers) are inquiring about leaving WWE for AEW for a variety reasons, however there appears to be two key reasons.

According to Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the primary reason appears to be a lighter road schedule.

A secondary reason is that talent seems to realize that if they are with WWE’s NXT brand, it will just take them a lot longer to get to the main roster and become a star.

There are also people who strongly believe that even if you are a star in NXT, it doesn’t necessarily translate into being a top guy on Raw or Smackdown given the current regime and the unlikely chance that anything will be changing on either of the main brands.

We will keep you posted regarding potential WWE Superstars jumping ship to AEW.

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