Backstage News Updates On AEW On TNT & NXT On USA Network

Backstage News On Revenue Being Generated By AEW On TNT & NXT On USA Network

One of the interesting questions that has come up with NXT moving to the USA Network is about the money WWE and AEW are receiving for their shows on USA and TNT, respectively.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is likely getting more money for their show than AEW is, but the way the promotions are getting paid are structured differently – USA is paying a flat fee whereas TNT is paying for the production costs for AEW and splitting the advertising revenue.

As a result, if AEW generates two million viewers per week, they will make more than NXT but if they do 500,000 viewers, they will generate less revenue.

Anywhere in between would put the bottom line of the two deals very close in numbers. Social Media Interaction



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