Sami Zayn Talks About AEW On WWE TV (5/28/2019)

Backstage News On Sami Zayn Referencing AEW During His WWE RAW Segment

During last night’s edition of WWE Raw, Sami Zayn threw out what turned out to be the only reference to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) when he told the audience that they could ask him any questions, even about AEW. Many wondered if this was actually scripted or not and as it turns out, there is conflicting information on this.

On Wrestling Observer Radio this morning, Dave Meltzer suggested that the line was scripted as per a pre-show production meeting. His host, Bryan Alvarez, stated that he heard from a different source that the line was unscripted. It was then noted that if Zayn’s AEW reference was truly not planned, he would likely be facing a suspension of some sorts. meanwhile is reporting that after asking around backstage, their source is stating that the line was indeed not in the script and that Zayn likely threw that in as he has the flexibility to improvise on his promos and he is allowed to pitch his own lines. The unscripted nature of his line would also be consistent with the fact that WWE went and edited all this out of their YouTube highlights.

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