Backstage News on the Sasha Banks/Charlotte Finish at Hell in a Cell

– At the Hell in a Cell production meeting on Saturday when WWE officials were going over all finishes to all the matches, the original ending would have had Sasha Banks retaining her title to end her program with Charlotte and move each of them into different storylines. Vince ended up telling the producers the day of the show that the finish was changed and it was going to be Charlotte going over instead.

– To make matters more weird, at least one person in Vince’s “inner circle” indicated that McMahon actually changed his mind the night before and not the day of but only told a few people close to him. Why he did this no one knows, but one theory is that perhaps he wanted to see if the odds moved since it is believed that WWE is not happy that their PPV finishes have been leaking out. If the odds swung, he would have likely known that it was one of his closest that was leaking the results.

– Another theory is that Vince simply wanted to move to a Charlotte vs. Bayley feud as he felt that Bayley as the challenger is going to build for a much better contender than either of Dana Brooke or Nia Jax, one of whom would be the only logical to face Sasha Banks, should she have retained her title. Furthermore, Brooke is being disassociated from Charlotte and ended up losing to Alicia Fox on Superstars the next night is an indication that they don’t see her as a top player at the moment.

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