Backstage News On Terms Of New Multi-Year Contract Matt Riddle Has Signed With WWE

It was noted earlier in the month that Matt Riddle’s current WWE contract was coming up for expiration in the summer of 2021 and that the company was working hard to have him re-sign a new multi-year deal.

At that time, it was being reported that the two sides had more or less come to terms on a contract that would pay Riddle $1.2 million over the next three years plus $50,000 for every appearance he made at WWE’s Saudi Arabia events.

A new update from fightfulselect.com reports that Riddle passed on WWE’s initial offer (terms not disclosed) so the company came back with a new, improved proposal (presumed to be the $400,000 annual salary described above) with intentions of getting to sign on before 2020 ended.

The report adds that the belief is that this deadline was reached and Riddle has already agreed to the contract sometime within the last week.

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