Backstage News On Origins Of WWE's New 24/7 Championship & Wild Card Rule (5/25/2019)

Backstage News On USA Network Pressuring WWE To Create 24/7 Title, Wild Card Rule

It looks like the USA Network cable television company is largely responsible for the creation and introduction of the new WWE 24/7 Championship.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the new 24/7 championship belt was largely created by WWE due to pressure from the USA Network. The story goes that the network has been concerned about slumping ratings and have been complaining for some time to WWE, specifically pointing to sagging third-hour numbers for RAW on Monday nights.

After USA continually pushed Vince McMahon to “fix” the third hour, WWE took its’ first big step by introducing the “Wild Card” rule as a way to not only bolster viewership numbers but to make SmackDown Live stronger in anticipation of the jump to FOX in the fall.

The USA Network in particular had been sending WWE multiple suggestions to help RAW’s third hour, but apparently all the ideas were said to be “terrible.” When McMahon realized that he had to accept one of their pitches, it was generally agreed that the 24/7 Championship was “the best of the worst,” so they went with that one.

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