Triple H 25th Anniversary In WWE

Backstage News On Vince McMahon’s Behavior During Triple H 25th WWE Anniversary Celebration

The Triple H 25th Anniversary segment that aired on Friday’s WWE Smackdown went way over the time alotted to it.

The segment was planned to take approximately 10 minutes but ended up closer to 20 minutes as it was filmed.

Fortunately for WWE, Smackdown as a whole was pre-taped so they were able to work around those timing issues.

Vince McMahon’s appearance and “promo” during that segment certainly raised some eyebrows online as he threw around random topics and generally didn’t make much sense in what looked to be an ad-hoc speech.

According to the WrestleVotes account, who cites a source within WWE, Vince is at a stage where he just doesn’t seem to care about things, possibly due to all the recent things that have negatively affected his company – the XFL collapsing, WrestleMania being canceled and the pandemic pretty much turning things upside down for WWE.

The source seems to suggest that there might be more of the “Screw it Vince” to come.


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