Backstage News on When & Why Brock Lesnar’s Return to WWE Came Together

— Brock Lesnar made a somewhat surprising and earlier-than-anticipated return to WWE last night on Friday Night Smackdown, setting up a match against undisputed champion Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. That of course wasn’t the original plan as it was Randy Orton who was supposed to be Reigns’ opponent. As per a previous report though, Orton’s back injury is turning out more serious than initially thought and it’s likely become clear now that he won’t be able to wrestle any time soon, certainly not at SummerSlam. When this was determined, the plan was put into motion to bring Lesnar back.

— According to a report from, word started to make its way around backstage at about 5 PM ET that Lesnar could be returning on the show, but his name was not included in any internal rundowns that were handed out to people. There has also been some speculation that Lesnar’s return was reactionary to the Vince McMahon investigation, but the report added that Lesnar’s return began to be formulated three weeks ago – well after the investigation began (in April) but before the story got out so it doesn’t appear to be related in any way.

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