Backstage News on WWE Management’s Reaction to Sasha Banks & Naomi Situation

— While it’s almost been a week gone, news keeps trickling in after Sasha Banks and Naomi suddenly walked out of the last episode of Monday Night Raw after WWE officials refused to change creative regarding their storyline and matches. The WrestleVotes account reports that while the consensus online support for Banks and Naomi has largely been positive with fans siding with the wrestlers, the reaction of management has been quite the opposite which would obviously imply that very few officials are sympathizing with the two.

— This is evident in the way both women have pretty much been buried on TV and how swiftly WWE acted to remove their merchandise and company controlled social media accounts. As reported before, the reaction amongst their fellow wrestlers has been mixed, with some understanding their frustrations while others standing by the principle that you never no-show an event that you’re booked and advertised for.

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